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Under What Rock Did They Find Jake Eaton?


Remember Jake Eaton? Sure you do. He was the hack working for the Montana Republican Party who decided to file fraudulent voter challenges against college students, Native Americans, and active duty military personnel back in 2008.

It turns out Jake was up at the Montana Legislature today to talk about…wait for it…voter fraud. Not like an informational chat to describe how it’s done or as part of a plea agreement, but to actually testify as if his history and personal sleaze didn’t matter. It’s hard to not to recall Judge Donald Malloy’s excellent assessment of Mr. Eaton. My favorite part?

In his zeal to protect what he sees as Montana’s fragile  democracy from these transient hordes, Eaton ignored the very law that answers his challenges.  How can one so concerned with the integrity of the State’s democratic process be adept at invoking the law to keep people from voting, without realizing that the same law renders his claim meritless if not frivolous?

Maybe keep the testimony to people who actually believe in democracy, Jake.

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