Speaking of Mr. Wilkerson –


In addition to Po’s point about Trevor Wilkerson’s vocal and irrational opposition to many aspects of the Sex Ed curriculum, Mr. Wilkerson also clearly doesn’t understand how citations work in the academic world.

“Wilkerson asked why Selekman is cited as a text source, when curriculum documents don’t propose texts, and it’s the only place where such reference is used. He said he has a huge concern with leaving it in the draft because it’s a several-hundred-page-college-level text.

“It’s seems like it’s opening the door to using anything from the text,”
Wilkerson said.”

Really? Citing a source constitutes an endorsement of the entire work? I’m going to say that this indicates an incomplete understanding of how scholarship works – making me think he’s not necessarily in a good position to be showboating.

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