Fascinating Legal Logic in the Rehberg Suit


Either the Billings Gazette did just post the suit, or I missed it, but it’s definitely to their credit that they have the claim posted this evening. A quick read suggests an interesting argument being advanced by Rehberg against the Fire Department.

At the core of the claim, Rehberg argues that the fire danger was so high that the Fire Department should have maintained some kind of round the clock watch, during the Fourth of July, when it was windy and hot:


At the same time, the unnamed manager of the property couldn’t be bothered to stay and keep watch on the property, a seemingly sensible precaution, given the apparent inevitably of an inferno:


If I’m understanding correctly, the Rehbergs are suing the City of Billings because it failed to defend against a fire that was almost assured, even though neither the owners of the property (the Rehbergs) nor the manager of the property could be bothered to stay and monitor the scene?


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