Rehberg’s Curious Golf Outing


Dennis just can’t help himself. Under criticism from Senator Jon Tester for his curious decision to spend Election Day raising money from East Coast power brokers, Rehberg sent out a flunky to lie for him:

“It’s very difficult to be a leader who actually gets things done for Montana. It’s easy to attend fancy East Cost golf fundraisers on Election Day. That, by the way, is exactly where Congressman Rehberg was on Election Day.”
Rehberg’s campaign manager Tyler Matthews said earlier this week that Rehberg did stop by a friend’s fundraiser Tuesday, but also cast votes on the House floor, met with senior staff and attended a White House picnic thrown by President Barack Obama.

It’s interesting that Rehberg’s official schedule mentions neither the picnic nor the golf fundraiser. Maybe they couldn’t get this image on the House web site, detailing Rehberg’s plans to “stop by” for a visit.


It may be a small thing, but doesn’t Representative Rehberg owe Montanans at least enough respect to offer credible lies?

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