Dennis Rehberg: Champion of Consistency


Matt Gouras has 133 words up today about Dennis Rehberg, and in 133 words,rehberg the Congressman aptly demonstrates his total dishonesty and incompetence twice.

On his record of earmarks?

Rehberg says he has no idea how much money in earmarks he has secured last year or any other time over his career. But he says it is important to send a message about a spending problem in Washington D.C.

Translation: Sure, I’ve been spending like a drunken sailor to buy votes from constituent groups my whole career, but now when there’s some political heat, you should trust the guy who doesn’t even have the brainpower to keep track of his earmarks to be fiscally responsible.

On the future?

Rehberg did not rule out earmarks next year. He says reform is needed that in some way restores the confidence of the public in the process.

Translation: Hey, I sure hope everyone forgets that when the Republicans controlled all three branches of the federal government, we didn’t do a damn thing to rein in spending.

Seriously, Montana. We can do better than this clown.

Update: The AP story was better developed this morning, and we learned that Rehberg attached his name to $51,000,000 in earmarks last year alone, and he’s not going to pursue earmarks this year, even though he says it doesn’t matter:

Even small, largely symbolic, measures of fiscal discipline will help.
"The point is to make the point," Rehberg said.

Clown, clown, clown.

jhywgirl has more.

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