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A Sensible Decision on the Montana Meth Project


I’m not convinced that the Meth Project deserves any government funding, but I was happy to see Governor Schweitzer’s decision to sensibly trim the state’s expenditure for the project by $500,000:

"Congress recently appropriated $1 million for the Montana Meth Project, and, consistent with my original proposal, House Bill 2, which will become law, appropriates $500,000 to the project for the coming biennium. Again, given these economically difficult times, I do not believe the additional appropriation to this program of $500,000 in state general funds contained in House Bill 645 is warranted, and for this reason I have vetoed that appropriation. With this item veto, the meth project will need to move toward its own goal of become self-sustaining and raise $600,000 through private fundraising to reach its projected budget, or, like the rest of us, tighten its belt and manage with less."

Countdown to hand-wringing editorial in a Lee Newspaper that will decry the decision, without mentioning the MMP’s connection to Lee or the amount of advertising revenue the project generates begins now…

I give it three days.

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