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The Independent Record’s Fascinating Take on Same Day Registration


I love a good editorial, like today’s in the Independent Record about same day registration and voting. The last paragraph was especially delightful:

Instead, people making these late-coming registrations are more likely to simply vote in line with their own personal interests. If that means expanding government services rather than decreasing the size of government, Democrats should benefit from these new voters. So it probably isn’t very surprising that HB88 was sponsored by a Republican.

What in the name of hell does that even mean? If someone can parse the logic of that paragraph for me, I will forever be indebted.

Just a thought—instead of stereotyping Democratic voters and speculating about why some people choose to register late, why not do something radical and find out what kind of voters register on Election Day? Find out what motivates them to register and vote late?

You know…something a newspaper might do.

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