The Montana Republican Party’s Fascinating Definition of Success


Erik Iverson is proud of his work, as he leaves the Montana Republican Party chair position for some undefined job with Tom Siebel:

Iverson, elected state party chairman in June 2007, said Montana Republicans have made "significant headway" the past 18 months, and he was proud to have been a part of these positive changes.
"Montana Republicans consistently buck national trends, and this year was no exception," Iverson said. "The past election was tough for Republicans all over the country, so it was no small feat to retain our 50 seats in the Montana House and win a majority in the Montana Senate."

Other than losing all five seats on the Land Board (a historic and crushing defeat), being utterly humiliated in the gubernatorial race, running a Socialist as the party’s standard bearer in a Senate race, conducting an incredibly unpopular, undemocratic, and pointless caucus for the Presidential nomination, running a nationally embarrassing disenfranchisement scheme, and watching Montana become a competitive Democratic state in Presidential elections, I’d say Iverson did one heck of a job. In fact, I hate to see him go. He’s done nice work for us.

The Montana Democratic Party has led a huge turnaround in the state in recent years, but they couldn’t have done it without the work of Montana’s Republican Party.

Thanks, guys!

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  • what else is new.? the arrogant always flaunt their shortcomings and tout them as virtues. only fools believe them. unfortunately, there are a lot of fools.

  • Yeah. I’m sure that was the kind of success the GOP had in mind when it was grooming Tim Fox for the governor’s chair and planning to take over the Land Board.

    The composition of the Legislature is certainly unfortunate, but overall, the MT GOP has come off the rails.

  • I know how to use apostrophes and plurals, if nothing else.

    I don’t know why we are arguing Rusty.

    I am happy that the Democrats control the Land Board, and you’re happy.

    I’m happy that the Republican Party was in such disarray that a self-proclaimed socialist was your Senate nominee, and you’re happy.

    I’m happy that the demographics are looking very good for Democratic candidates in the future, and you’re happy.

    Let’s just agree: the “leadership” of the Montana Republican Party has been excellent.

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