Who’s Trying to Steal An Election, Norm?


Minesota Public Radio has some great images of challenged ballots in the Senate recount, during which Al Franken has already gained 43 votes. Despite the Coleman campaign’s non-stop working of the refs before the game began, crying about fraud, it seems apparent that they intend to steal as many votes as they can. Consider these two votes that the Coleman campaign claims express a clear intent for Coleman:

Coleman claims the small dot shows intent to for him

Coleman claims the dot shows an intent to vote for Barkley

Coleman knows the recount gives Franken a decent, if not better than 50-50 chance of winning the election. That explains his behavior in the days since the election and the behavior of his campaign during this process. If these ballots are any indication, this is going to be one long process, with Coleman desperate to hold on to his Senate gig and subsidized housing.

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