Question of the Day: Where is Lieberman Hiding the Pictures?


The only possible explanation for the spineless behavior of Harry Reid and the Democratic leadership today must be that Senator Lieberman owns a vast collection of Pat Geary-style photos of Harry Reid with live boys and dead girls.

Demanding that Lieberman be stripped of his chairmanship was not about revenge for his actions, it was about placing  a Democrat, not a Republican in smug bastard’s clothing, in charge of a vital committee. How can we trust that Senator Lieberman will suddenly be interested in conducting actual oversight and review of the actions of the Bush Administration? How can we trust that Senator Lieberman will not continue to play his role as an unthinking parrot of right wing talking points about President-elect Obama?

If Lieberman wants to caucus with people like Lindsey Graham and Norm Coleman, we should let him. The first time things get a little bit rough, he’ll be back in their embrace anyway.

As kos likes to say, elections have consequences. Apparently, that’s true for everyone but Joe Lieberman.

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