Some Early National Signs


TPM is reporting some encouraging exit poll numbers:

Georgia: McCain 50%, Obama 48%
Indiana: Obama 52%, McCain 46%
Virginia: Obama 54%, McCain 45%

As always, of course, exit polls seem to be meaningless, but these are encouraging numbers, if nothing else.

Republicans seem to be conceding that Elizabeth Dole will lose in North Carolina. God must not have liked that ad, either.

In all the years of watching elections, I have never understood why the networks insist on reporting the percentages in elections with just hundreds or even thousands of votes in. And why in the world do states like Florida, with split time zones, continue to report the results from one part of the state while the rest of the state is still voting?

I take it as a good sign that Fox News is still talking about voter fraud rather than the actual election. Bill Kristol and Brit Hume sound funereal, and Kristol just conceded that the numbers are looking pretty consistent with the polling before the election.

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