Pogie’s Fearless Prognostications for Nov. 4: National Edition


Since every blog in the United States must have a prediction for tomorrow, it would be a shame if we were left out. With a few picks (Indiana and Florida) that I am quite unsure about, this is my guess for tomorrow’s results:


Popular Vote

Obama 53, McCain 46.

U.S. Senate Races

Democratic Wins
  • Franken wins in Minnesota by 5
  • Begich wins Alaska by 17
  • Udall wins Colorado by 12
  • Shaheen wins New Hampshire by 8
  • Udall wins New Mexico by 18
  • Hagan wins North Carolina by 8
  • Merkley wins Oregon by 7
  • Martin wins Georgia by 1, but does not reach 50%
Republican Wins
  • Kelleher wins Montana by 37
  • McConnell wins KY by 5
  • Wicker wins Mississippi by 8

U.S. House

The Democrats expand their lead big, to 266-169.

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