Elaine Sollie Herman: It Just Keeps Getting Worse


Jodi Rave, of the Missoulian, though ignoring my post on the subject :), has added more details about Elaine Sollie Herman’s recent posting for help against Denise Juneau. Herman has a great excuse: her daughter did it:

“That was my daughter who wrote that – she lives in Seattle,” said Herman. “I didn’t do it. I had nothing to do with it. I am not a young girl looking for meet-ups in Puyallup.”

Better yet, Herman wants you to believe that it’s negative campaigning to bring the subject up:

“It’s not appropriate to bring up my daughter in this campaign,” she said. “If you bring my daughter into this election, I will really, really be upset. No one wants their daughter brought into an election for dirty campaigning.”

It’s one thing for Ms. Herman to have run one of the most inept statewide campaigns in the history of the state. Whether it was an illegal raffle, lies about the MEA, the worst campaign web site in human history, atrocious spelling and grammar, or her absurd focus on the ethnicity of her opponent, Ms. Herman’s actions have been harmless, if annoying, and even occasionally humorous. It would be quite another thing to let her do that kind of damage to our schools.

Next week, vote a candidate with the experience and wisdom to lead Montana’s schools: Denise Juneau.

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