Goodbye, Ted


Despite the innovative defense that goods just kept appearing in his house, Senator Ted Stevens was convicted today of corruption charges:

A federal jury found Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens guilty Monday of accepting and concealing tens of thousands of dollars in free home renovations and other gifts, a felony conviction that likely spells the end of the powerful Republican’s legendary Senate career.

The verdict, announced in a Washington courtroom three blocks from the Capitol, comes just days before voters in Alaska must decide whether to elect the 84-year-old Sen. Stevens to an eighth Senate term.

On another note, I need to get elected to Congress before I commence my crime spree:

Given his age, clean record and long history of public service, observers say it is unlikely that Sen. Stevens will receive a long prison sentence, if any jail time at all.

Given that it was precisely his “public service” that got him in trouble, doesn’t that seem a little odd?

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