World’s greatest hockey mom, huh?


The booing was so loud at the Philadelphia Flyer’s game where Sarah Palin was invited to drop the first puck, they had to crank the music…

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  • americans are waking up to their lies now. it is good to see.
    the epic collapse of this shoddily run campaign will be studied for the next several decades in college political science courses. combined with the ineptitude of the current administration i think the great society can now be placed alongside such tomes as rise and fall of the third reich. trickle down, ferchrissakes – what were people thinking?

    it is time to roll up our sleeves and get ready for the next chapter of optimism and bottom up economics. roof-top solar collectors for everyone, electric cars capable of 400 miles per charge and an efficient rail system that will be the best in the world will require good paying jobs- lots of them. time to sweep this sad pathetic chapter in american history into the dummy file and start working on the future for our kid’s sake.

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