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My Mountain’s on Fire


This evening I went out to dinner with a friend.  After leaving the restaurant, I noticed a big cloud right on top of Mount Sentinel, and at first I didn’t think anything of it.  Double take – there was a helicopter and I was like, um, holy oh-my-god… There’s a fire right by my school.  My friend and I drove over to the river where we watched a helicopter get buckets of water and fly back and forth between river and fire.  The whole side of Mount Sentinel is black.  And, allegedly, it was started by two seven year olds.  They stole a lighter from grandma’s purse and started to play around at the base of the mountain.  However, there is an investigation going on to see if this is the true cause.

The whole city has driven to UM campus to sit in the oval and watch as flames engulf the mountain.  It was quite a shock.  If it was those kids, I’m going to hunt them down.  Kids need to learn: don’t frickin play with fire right by really dry grass on a mountainside!

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i'm from helena, montana. i now go to school at the university of montana and i study russian language as well as arabic language and southwest (middle east) and central asia.


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