Multiple Choice Question: Who is more realistic about solving the deficit crisis?


Is it…

A.) Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee?

The LA Times has ousted Senator Obama claiming “But if he wins the presidency, Obama will be hard-pressed to keep his blueprint intact. A variety of budget analysts are skeptical that the Democrat’s agenda could survive in the face of large federal budget deficits and the difficulty of making good on his plan to raise new revenue by closing tax loopholes, ending the Iraq war and cutting spending that is deemed low-priority.”


B.) John McCain, the Republican nominee?

As not reported in the LA Times, Senator McCain’s deficit plan involves “savings from victory in the Iraq and Afghanistan operations.”

We are still 100-and-some-odd-number of days from the election and it is already obvious that nobody in the mainstream press is serious about challenging McCain’s never-ending stream of never-land political rhetoric.

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  • i just don’t know why people have so many doubts about obama. yeah, yeah, he’s a newbie, but that’s no reason to think that we are all going to die. i hate it when this kind of stuff happens. mccain would continue our endless spiral into the abyss. at least obama is trying something newish.

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