The Fiscal Conservatism of Dennis Rehberg


We all know that Dennis Rehberg has done very little in Congress. When his own chief of staff identifies congratulating the Carroll football team and recognizing the anniversary of Billings as major achievements, it’s clear that Representative Rehberg is hardly earning his salary as a representative of Montanans.

On the other hand, Representative Rehberg is sure to get the work done for corporations in Montana, especially the kind extract resources. His web site proudly proclaims that he is supporting legislation to make a palladium reproduction of a 1907 coin.

Why? To boost the price of palladium:

“This bill will create a new bullion coin, minted from a resource produced solely in our backyard. The resulting increase in demand will provide a boost for Montana’s mining families and the local community and that’s a great move.”

In a time of record deficits, an ongoing war, and financial difficulties for millions of Americans, is the time really right to support legislation that will benefit one corporation and a few workers by artificially increasing the value of a precious metal? Should that be the priority of the Congress? Our Representative?

On the same day, Representative Rehberg refused to support  expanded funding for the troops, criticizing its “leftist spending agenda.”  To recap, supporting the troops that Rehberg sent to war? Leftist. Supporting the economic interests of one mining company? Conservative.

Sounds about right, actually.

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