With Us Or Against Us


Kos, in his continuing Chris Matthews impersonation that has become increasingly unbearable, about Hillary Clinton today:

Clinton personifies the worst of the “with us, or against us”-type thinking that has gotten us in trouble with the rest of the world.

Today, at the Clinton event in Helena, one of my colleagues ran into a group of Obama supporters outside the gym, and asked them if they intend to come inside and listen to the President’s speech. The group of 20, to a person, said that they were unwilling to listen to Clinton, because they had already made up their mind to vote for Obama. Do they, too, represent the kind of thinking that has got us in trouble with the rest of the world?

Of course not, and neither does Hillary Clinton. For the life of me, I can’t understand why the progressive blog world has so unquestioningly absorbed and begun to regurgitate the mainstream media’s “Democrats in crisis” meme. Despite hyperventilating media accounts, Clinton’s continued involvement in the race certainly isn’t some ahistorical aberration, and despite the fact that a victory isn’t likely, she’s earned the right to contest key states.

It might be wise for some the self-appointed defenders of the Democratic Party’s viability to start asking if they aren’t doing more damage to the party than they accuse Hillary Clinton of doing.

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