Who Needs a Fake Press Conference When You’ve Got Faux News?


From the Washington Post:

Fox Business News anchor David Asman’s questions were not just predictably sycophantic — they were beyond that. They gave sycophancy a bad name. And some were specious as well.

Asman’s first question: "You call yourself a supply-sider. Your speech today was all about tax cuts. But were even you surprised at how much revenue came in to the Treasury when you lowered those tax rates?"

That’s not the sort of question any self-respecting reporter would ask: "Mr. President, were you surprised at how well your policies turned out?" But also, it’s based on the utterly delusional notion that Bush’s tax cuts led to increased revenue.

Having just finished Dante with my students, I am reminded of his eight circle of Hell, where the flatterers are sent:

Hence, in the second chasm we heard the ghosts,

Who gibber in low melancholy sounds,

With wide-stretch’d nostrils snort, and on themselves

Smite with their palms. Upon the banks a scurf,

From the foul steam condensed, encrusting hung,

That held sharp combat with the sight and smell. – So hollow is the depth, that from no part,

For any Faux News viewers reading this, it means that flatterers spend eternity covered in their own excrement. Good luck, Mr. Asman.

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