The Letter That Could Have Been


I was going to write this letter to the IR editor.  But then I decided not to feed the "Damn Liberals readin' their books" stereotype.  For those of you who don't know, Steve Lodahl is published basically every other day fighting off an imaginary push to impeach Bush by declaring that Clinton is also a liar. 

"While I for one wouldn’t defend Clinton as an honest man, his biggest decisions, like ending an ethnic cleansing in Kosovo or crippling Saddam’s WMD capability in Iraq, didn’t cost American lives. To equate his lies to those of president Bush, as Mr. Steve Lodahl does every couple days, requires a peculiarly neo-con fusing of Augustinian Puritanism and a Realpolitik worthy of Otto von Bismarck. When ‘conservatives’ of this stripe, not to be confused with those that actually care about values or small government, read the Bible, they read a special edition released by Rupert Murdoch, with Machievelli’s The Prince spliced in. Morals, to these folk, are all well and good for other people, those who don’t have a dynasty to defend. However, if they had read a little further into Machievelli’s discourses on Livy, they would have found that even the master of amorality believed that three separate branches of government were required to prevent a society from falling into anarchy, oligarchy, or tyranny. And recent elections suggest the truth of another Machiavellian revelation: that the masses, though they can be fooled or led astray, are in the long term more constant and dependable than any one leader or cabal. "




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