Ann Coulter named spokesperson for conservatives…


I can't help but to remember Montana Republicans in town two weeks ago talking about how they need to get back to their core message in order to attract voters back to the party.  That's a smart move: when you are losing elections and public opinion is working against you, you work on your public message.

That's what makes the defense of Ann Coulter  so strange.  California Republicn Represenative Republican Hunter says that Ann Coulter is "is a very articulate spokeswoman for the conservative view."

Really?  So, calling Hillary fat is articulate?  How about calling John Edwards a "faggot" or saying that he has a bumper sticker saying "ask me about my dead son?"  Maybe it is the calls for assassination  of Democrats?

If this is the new conservative, it might be a long electoral drought for Republicans.

I know come Conservatives read this blog; what is it about Coulter?  Does she speak for you? 

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