President Bush To Receive Purple Heart


President Bush, no fan of irony, will soon be receiving a Purple Heart for the "emotional wounds and scars" he has suffered as commander-in-chief during the Iraq War, a gift from someone who actually served in Vietnam rather than dodging the draft.

President, a man who has not seen fit to attend a funeral of someone who has died of real wounds in the Iraq War, nor been able to explain why wounded American soldiers have been mistreated, sent back to war, and had their disability status downgraded, is not only going receive the gift, but make time in his schedule to receive it personally:

"Congressman Carter called me last week and said the President was very moved by it, and would like us to present it in person," Thomas said.

I’m sure that the soldiers who have been sent back to Iraq, suffering from brain damage, severe physical disabilities, and psychological trauma are happy that our noble patriotic leader will finally receive the reward he deserves.

Worst. President. Ever.

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