Hard Working Republican Legislators


You’ve got to love the Republicans in the Montana House. No meetings scheduled with the Democratic leadership, no sign of progress on budget or tax bills, and how do they respond? With almost two full days of vacation:

Gov. Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat, said House Republican leaders remind him of college students who neglected their work for most of the semester and still haven’t written their term paper.

"Their solution is, ‘We’re almost out of time, we have a lot of stuff to do. Well, let’s just shut down,’ " he said Friday evening. "That’s kind of a cavalier attitude.

"I believe most of the legislators and most of the Republican legislators came here to accomplish big things. I fully expect their leadership to allow them to accomplish those things. There is no reason and there is no gain to simply obstruct the process."

Schweitzer said if the Legislature doesn’t complete its work by the scheduled April 27 adjournment, he would call them into an immediate special session.

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