Helena Pro-War Referendum


While there is no scheduled date yet, the Helena City Commission has agreed to hold a public hearing to discuss a proposed referendum to support the Grand Decider without a Czar’s Crusade Against Nebulously Defined Enemies.

As much as I admire direct involvement in democracy, this referendum is one terrible idea. It reads:

“The citizens of Helena, Montana, USA, hereby urge the Congress of the United States of America to fund our military forces totally and without conditions in the global war on terror so that they will not be deprived of the tools or the manpower they need to overcome the forces dedicated to our destruction anywhere in the world, thereby giving us, the people of the United States of America, the protection we need so we can survive as a free nation.”

Should citizens in a democracy ever, even symbolically, grant their governments power "totally and without conditions"? Give the enormity of of our expense in this war, in terms of budget, credibility and liberty, is it even necessary?

Fortunately, Helenans have a much better option this November: to vote for a referendum calling for withdrawal from the President’s failed war.

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