Can Connie come out to play?


I had a political science professor in college  say that "voters have short, short memories," which seems to be case in the media.  Once the darling of the media (if for no other reason than to report about his latest foot-in-the-mouth moment), Conrad seems to have taken a job lobbying and disappeared.

The Justice Department, however, seems to lack the qualities of the voting public.  Ol’ Jack Abramoff is still very much a hot topic.  For those that haven’t heard, Republican Representative John Doolittle was paid a visit from the FBI last week, and there is some innuendo that it is related to his tied with Jack.

It is too bad that most of the Burns backers have left the blog scene since the big election, but there is other interesting data elsewhere in today’s news concerning Conrad.  Apparently, Connie has dropped $160,000 between January and March of *this year* on lawyers fees.  Does that mean that Connie is still not the "target" of the investigation?

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