The Party of Law and Order Strikes Again


It looks like we finally have an explanation for the way Montana's Republicans in the Legislature have been acting: they're doing a lot of drinking. I guess that wouldn't be so bad, if they didn't get behind the wheel afterwards:

A state lawmaker pleaded guilty Monday to drunken driving after being arrested over the weekend. Red Lodge Rep. Scott Boggio's passenger was a fellow legislator who is a member of the Yellowstone County DUI Task Force.

Yeah…it gets better:

Boggio's passenger, Rep. Elsie Arntzen, R-Billings, is a member of the Yellowstone County DUI Task Force. She said Tuesday that she did not think Boggio was intoxicated when she got in the car with him after they had dinner. "I would have never done that," Arntzen said.

At least Boggio was responsible, contrite, and embarassed after the arrest. Oh no, that would be what a responsible, adult role model would do. Boggio responded like a petulant child:

"Well, I guess that, you know, anyone who goes out to dinner and has a few drinks along with their meal can get a DUI," Boggio said Tuesday.


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