Law Enforcement? No. Resume Building!


Matt's take on Bill Mercer's role in the U.S Attorney scandal is well worth a look. Under President Bush, U.S. Attorneys–you know, the people who are the "chief federal law enforcement officer(s) of the United States within his or her particular jurisdiction," are being replaced, as our double-dipping U.S. Attorney puts it, to allow more people to "build their résumés." 

Not convinced this is an important story? It's probably just a coincidence that Bush and Gonzalez have fired more U.S. attorneys in the past few months than have been fired in the past 25 years

U.S. attorneys have enormous power. Their decision to investigate or indict can bankrupt a business or destroy a life. They must be, and long have been, insulated from political pressures. Although appointed by the president, once in office they are almost never asked to leave until a new president is elected. The Congressional Research Service has confirmed how unprecedented these firings are. It found that of 486 U.S. attorneys confirmed since 1981, perhaps no more than three were forced out in similar ways — three in 25 years, compared with seven in recent months.

Good to see that President Bush still won't play politics with our national security. Sigh. 

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