Recount completed, Toole wins the PSC seat…


After a series of recounts, Ken Toole has picked up the deciding seat on the Montana public service commission against Mike Taylor.  Of course, this is double good news not only because Toole will be a top-notch advocate for consumers but it denies the seat to Taylor.  I find it amusing that Taylor built his campaign on “free market” approaches to the energy problem in Montana despite announcing his dislike for the deregulation bill that he, himself, introduced.

I also find it amusing that Taylor has a ready-made excuse for losing: provisional ballots cast on election day (ballots?  cast?  no!) and “negative ads” run in the Flathead and Shelby area.  I didn’t get access to those ads but my guess is that its another case of the losing Republican claiming that factual ads about a candidate’s position (you know, the fact that Taylor introduced the deregulation bill, despite then voting against it) are, indeed, negative.

I am not sure if the PSC really has the power to scale back much of the deregulation but I will sleep sounder, and likely warmer, with the Democrats in the majority.

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