Conrad and George: Do The Right Thing


I know it’s a lot to ask from someone who has repeatedly sold the integrity of his office, but isn’t it time for someone to tell Senator Burns to do the right thing? The Gazettee offers a little more this afternoon:

People who went to the polls Tuesday, but forgot to bring some kind of identification, were able to cast provisional ballots. Those ballots will only be counted if the voter returns today with proper identification by 5 p.m. Wednesday. Greenwood estimated that about 1,000 provisional ballots were cast Tuesday.

Also, the office will continue to count ballots coming in from Montanans serving in the military overseas for a few days after the election. Greenwood said it was impossible to know how many of those may come in.

As of September, state records showed just 14 members of the Montana Air and Army National Guard deployed overseas.

It was unclear at press time how many Montanans who enlisted in the regular armed services might have cast ballots and if they would cast their ballots in Montana or another state.

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