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Why Vote Democrat Next Month?


I just caught the debate between Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill on Meet the Press, and if anyone asks you for a reason to support Democrats this fall, point them to this exchange. The Republicans have become so drunk on power that it’s the only thing that matters to them:

Senator Talent: Oh, no. I mean, I’m comfortable the investigation moving forward, finding out what happen ed, and then the people who were responsible taking the consequences.


McCaskill: Tim, as a former prosecutor, I had to handle dozens and dozens of heartbreaking cases where children had been sexually abused, where predators had been doing their work. I know this: that when a 50-year-old man is asking a teenage boy on the Internet for his picture, the response needs to be something other than, “I better go tell the chairman of the Republican Campaign Committee.”

Clearly what has happened here is an arrogance of power. It is about holding onto power instead of doing the right thing. And Washington is not working.  This shouldn’t be about power. This should be about protecting kids and calling the authorities, calling the Ethics Committee. They didn’t even tell the Democrats on the Page Committee. This was about a cover-up.

I think it’s wrong. I think it is a great example of how out of touch Washington is, and how they’ve got their priorities all wrong.

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  • I enjoyed watching that debate as well. However, I wonder why all six Meet the Press debates are between candidates from Eastern States. Minnesota is as close to the West as Russert is getting.

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