They just don’t know when to give up…


I know I am asking this question and I should know the answer to this, but how on Earth can someone equate the awful methods of the now-overturned initiatives with the ethics initiative and the Montana minimum wage law?  I know several people that were involved in gathering signatures and those people worked tirelessly to collect signature and they were neither paid or involved any grand conspiracy to fool people in what they were signing.

The worse part of this is that some idiot will be trumpeting this as an example of the liberal bias of the courts if they don’t agree with the suit.  It’s already happening.  From the comments of the Tribune article:

This will be intersting to see if the judges are truly hypocrites and biased in the matter or not.

By the courts own obvious biased previous ruling on CI-97, CI-98
and I-154, initiatives they will have no choice but to throw out CI-151
and CI-153.
My bet is the judges will show just how corrupt they are. Shocked


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