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Audio Feed from the 10 September 2006 Tester/Burns debate in Hamilton, Montana


I feel like NASA. 🙂 Don and I had redundant systems recording the debate and we managed to pick up two clear copies. Use the audio player below to listen to the Tester/Burns debate for US Senate from Montana.

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Update: Our analysis of Senator Burns’ performance in the debate, in three parts, is done:
Part 1, in which Senator Burns misrepresents the truth about Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Energy, and Health Care
Part 2, in which Senator Burns dissembles on the subjects of the federal debt, immigration, the Marianas, and education
Part 3, in which Senator Burns cuts and runs from the truth on stem cells and veterans


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  • Thanks for providing the entire debate so soon afterward. I was unable to attend and did’nt care to hear anybody’s synopsis. Good work!!

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