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Hyperbole, Thy Name is Missoulian


The editors of the Missoulian are afraid again. This time, it’s not faceless shadowy Muslim/Arabs/scary people, or even teachers. Today, we fear the menace of immigrants. How afraid are they? Mighty afeared:

Immigration is the wrong issue to tackle with an eye on attracting and appeasing special interests on election day. At stake is, potentially, the country’s survival. A country with porous borders can too easily become somebody else’s country.

That’s a cute construct. Basically, there are two ways that can be read. The first is so illogical as to be laughable, were it not from the Missoulian–that the United States might be invaded through our porous borders, ala ‘Red Dawn’ in the 1980s.

The more likely interpretation is more insidious. The ‘somebody else’ is Hispanics, bent on destroying ‘our’ country, and forcing us all to eat their foreign foods, listen to salsa music, and watch Univision. These omnious threats from nativists are no different today than the attacks on Jews, Chinese, Irish, or any other group that was seen as deficient or different from the mainstream culture in our unfortunate history of attacking immigrants.

Maybe the kids from Prussian Blue missed by 100 miles north or so.

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