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So When Did Eric Coobs Become a Legitimate Source of News?


I know the six readers and those of us who can’t help but go to the site periodically to rile up the white wing enjoy visiting WRIM, but now the Tribune is reporting on the keen political insight offered by Eric Coobs? From the Tribune yesterday:

Conservative blogger Eric Coobs wrote last week on his Web site “What’s RIGHT With Montana!” that, in visits to Great Falls and Lewistown, he found that “much to my surprise, people have split the conflict in Iraq and the ‘War on Terror’ into two separate topics. …So if I could give advice to the GOP, I’d tell them to stop talking about Iraq and start telling people about how they stopped airliners from being crashed.”

I’m not easily pushed over into speechlessness, but I’m struggling with adequate words to respond to this. Given Coobs’ penchant for selective listening/reading skills, I’ll have to admit to questioning the credibility of his underlying claim. What’s more, anyone other than the paid liars for the RNC has long since known that the ‘war on terror’ only became connected to Iraq once we invaded, creating another front for Islamic radicals. Finally, Coobs is actually right about one thing–if I were the GOP, I wouldn’t talk about Iraq much either.

I think it’s kind of interesting that some Montana reporters are starting to take notice of the blogs. It’s just absurd, as I have argued before, that they aren’t looking into some credible Montana conservative blogs, with actual readership and ideas.


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