Intelligent Discontent crashes Tester event…


Okay, so we were invited along with the rest of the public, so I guess that we didn’t exactly crash it, but Don and I attended one of Tester’s events in Boulder today, and I have to say that it seemed like a big hit.  Despite the awful heat, there was a crowd of around 50 and Jon made very brief speech, followed by questions from the crowd.  The answers were well-received by the crowd and there seemed to be some energy and excitement around his message.

I will note that I was impressed by the diversity of the group.  I think it’s easy, especially as a blogger, to envision the standard Tester supporter, which usually involved looking in a mirror.  So see the so many different folks coming out into the nasty Montana weather to hear Jon was quite encouraging indeed.

Maybe I am wrong, but I certainly can’t see our current Junior senator taking open questions from the crowd.  Perhaps our readers from the Burns camp can describe one of the Burns community events and prove me wrong.

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