Attention Conrad Burns: you can’t claim to be a deficit hawk


If you’ll remember the Tester-Burns Montana Senate debate, Conrad Burns (you know, the “drunken sailor,” claimed that due to his good work with the rest of the Senate Republican majority and the Republican White House, the deficits were going away!  It was wrong when he said it then, and it appears to be just as wrong now.  According to the folks at Raw Story, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the deficit will climb to $339 billion next year.

I am sure the party line from the right is that “our projections say the decifit will begin to decrease in 2011” or whatever random year they come up with.  How long will that still be a good answer?

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  • Actually, the Republican line is that the deficit won’t grow as quickly as all us doomsayers were predicting next year. Ha ha, take that, doomsayers!

    This, they call success.

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