Signature gathers say “show me the money!”


I think it’s really hard to claim that your ballot measure is the will of the people when you have to spend over a half-of-a-million dollars just to drum up support to make the measure a reality.  The Montana Forum (Lee Newspapers) is reporting that number today as reports are filed on election practices.  I also found it interesting that the anti-CI-97 folks are also spending some money:

The anti-CI-97 forces are getting some help from out-of-state sources as well. In their finance report filed this week, they reported about $48,000 in assistance from the Washington, D.C.-based Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a nonprofit group that advocates for programs that serve low- and middle-income citizens. The center paid $31,500 for a poll in June. The poll is for the anti-CI-97 committee’s internal use, and its specific results won’t be made public, Boyle said

I’ll admit I’d be curious to see the results of the poll.  The fact that they aren’t trumpeting it suggests that it might not be good news for the good guys in this fight.

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