Spending cap qualifies…


Let's get ready to rumble!  Scott Mendenhall, the coordinator for the CI-97 campaign, says that the Montana version of the
Colorado spending cap will qualify for this November's ballot.

The only bit of good news is that they were foolish enough to do it during a year with an important enough slate of elections (Tester/Burns, Lindeen/Rehburn, Toole/Taylor) that it won't pass simply due to low voter turnout.

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  • Bummer is that a number of pro-Dems orgs will now throw valuable money at defeating the initiatives. What a waste of time.

    You may be right: the big election may benefit the bill’s defeat. Also, the bill may drive people to the polls, too. I mean this thing is a stinker!

  • Conrad Burns admitted (during the debate) that Montana already has a balanced budget ammendment.

    Oh how I wish I could recant my adventures with the shady characters who were shaking my town down for signatures to their lies. Alas I cannot do that at this time, but you would have been proud.

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