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The Burns Record: Cowardice


Some thoughts about Conrad Burns' failure to show at a recent debate against Jon Tester and Stan Jones:

Bill Lombardi :

“This first stunt only underscores the need for change in the Senate. He claims to want a debate, but would rather stay in D.C. and raise more lobbyist cash…Senator Burns continues choosing special interests over the needs of Montana families. Voters want the Senate to look more like Montana, not more like Senator Burns’ friends inside the Beltway.”

Jon Tester :

“A negative radio ad is not a debate. I’d love to discuss my record, and I’m eager to ask Senator Burns a few questions, like why he votes for tax breaks for oil companies while we pay record prices at the pump, or why he cut veterans benefits, or why he voted to raise interest rates on college loans.”

"I think it's unfortunate that Sen. Burns feels it's more important to deal with the big-money lobbyists on the East Coast rather than stand here and deal with Montanans."

Gwen Florio , The Great Falls Tribune:

Later in the debate, Jones hustled over to Burns' stool and pretended to answer a question from Tester to Burns. "Because I'm a government-as-usual politician," he said with a bow, acknowledging laughter from those attending the debate sponsored by the Montana Newspaper Association.

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  • Okay, so let’s pretend that what you keep saying is true…that old Connie’s record is as great as you claim…wouldn’t you take every chance to demonstrate that to the public?

    And…why is East Coast money okay if it comes from huge businesses?

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