Chubby, white guy disenfranchised?


I’d be curious to hear if there are any other stories, but amazingly, I was disenfranchised today.

A colleague got me thinking today about whether or not I was correct about my polling place and so I called to confirm the location (it turns out, I was correct… :)) and I was told that I am not registered to vote.

I moved last year from a rental to my own place in Helena and figured that was the problem.  However, that wasn’t the problem.  My local election official tells me that Cascade County apparently picked up my registration when new computer system was put into place this year.  Cascade County?  I haven’t lived there since May of 2004 and have voted in Helena since.

I am told I can file a provisional ballot but to be quite frank, I have doubts my vote will count today.


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  • Cast the provisional for sure. This may be a larger problem. If the Secretary of State SNAFUed the statewide voter file this badly, this could be a big problem.

  • Personally, I’m worried about glitches with electronic machines. I love technology and all, there’s just something safe about a #2 pencil and an oval.

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