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Letters in Support of Jon Tester


A sampling of letters from around the state in support of Jon Tester:

From Beau Wright, Billings Gazette:

Come back, Sam Rayburn. It is hard to imagine that Washington, D.C., once played host to men of integrity and honor….ester listens to all Montanans — not just his political donors. I, for one, wouldn’t mind sending a man to the Senate I can be proud of to speak for this nation and Montana.

From Michael Rissman, Helena Independent Record:

I’m on my way out to distribute more literature for Jon Tester. He’s the first candidate I’ve ever worked for. Jon is a good guy, a genuine guy, and the people I meet seem to know that…Jon Tester is not a hollow man. I want him in D.C. to say no to failed conservative policies. Cutting taxes doesn’t balance the budget. Privatization doesn’t get us better electricity, or troop logistics or disaster relief. Free trade is not fair trade. Drug companies don’t care about our health, and oil companies don’t care about our national security.

Ann Hagen-Buss, Queen City News:

I am proud to voice my support of Jon Tester to be our next U.S. Senator. Jon’s background and experience lends itself to more than being capable of representing every Montanan in Washington. As a third-generation rancher, he knows the importance of preserving Montana’s greatest treasure–its land–for future generations. As a former small business owner, he is knowledgeable of the challenge of providing his employees with health insurance benefits, as well as a living wage. As a former educator and school board trustee, Jon knows the value of an education and the numerous doors it will open for everyone.

Bert Freer, Montana Standard

Throwing the voting switch for Tester I see by the write-up in Sunday’s Standard that John Tester’s without three fingers on his left hand. Well so’s my 99-year-old older brother.
So I’m gonna vote for him. Tester that is. What the hell, that’s better’n any reason you can gimme to vote for Conrad.

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