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Anyone Seen My Softball?


I must have left it here.

I’m sure someone else will have deeper thoughts on this piece by Charles Johnson, but a couple of items stood out:

A Morrison campaign document quotes Luke 12:48: “Every one of whom much is given, of him much will be required.”

No words.

Although the topic went unmentioned during his recent day on the road, Morrison has been on the defensive recently. News stories have questioned how Morrison handled a securities fraud case involving a Flathead Valley businessman, David Tacke, who later married a woman with whom Morrison had an extramarital affair before he was elected auditor.

Uh…I have an idea. Ask him about it. Seems like it would be hard for it go unmentioned if you did. I mean, as valuable as having the state’s senior political writer quote campaign slogans wholesale is, a few difficult questions might not hurt.

It comes down to the same frustration. I don’t want the state’s newspapers to look into this because I want them to hurt the Morrison campaign or family. I want them to look into the claims, so the truth can be known. Isn’t that part of the media’s job?

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