Horse Sense: Johnson’s Coverage of the Morrison Issue Weak


Charles Johnson offers this insight, keeping the voters informed about critical issues.

Mine is below.
Montana reporters and political analysts are having a heyday speculating about how the news of John Morrison’s extra-marital affair might impact his political future, but as fascinating as media commentaries can be, remember that reporters do not disclose their political leanings, so we don’t know their political ties.

After careful consideration of these so-called Montanans, the ID Staff Bureau has called two out of state political analysts for their inane commentary.

Larry Jones, of the University of West Virginia and a noted political commentator, said, “Well, after carefullly perusing Google News while I put you on hold, I’d have to say that I didn’t even realize Montana was a state. That said, I’m going to go way out on a limb here and suggest that an extra-marital affair and allegations of imprompriety while in office might, just might hurt Morrison. Make sure you mention my new book, Divided Pundits, okay?”

Stuart Matthews, of the Matthews Political Report, wasn’t willing to make such a bold, or even specific analysis. “Controversy can be bad,” he suggested, “but sometimes it’s good. My advice for Morrison? Keep running, because quitters never win.”

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