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Intelligent Discontent’s First Annual Klindtest


Intelligent Discontent is happy to announce our first (and last, we presume) annual Klindtest.

How Do I Win?

How does one win the Klindtest? It couldn’t be easier. Demonstrate your finely honed rhetorical skills by manufacturing an absurd, tangentially related quotation about a genuine news event. Here’s an example, when Mr. Klindt was ‘discussing’ the failure of Montana Democrats to disclose their finance report on time in February:

“They have broken the law by not reporting who is paying for the barrage of negative attacks they have subjected Montanans to,” Klindt said. “Did they rob a bank, did they find it under a tree or are East Coast liberals trying to buy a Senate seat? It is time for the Democrats to tell the truth.”

Notice how the quotation could, on the surface, appear to be about the subject at hand, but really isn’t? Notice the almost-insane hyperbole? Did you spot the reliance on pathetic cliches? Disappointed by the failure to mention Barbara Streisand? If so, you’ve got what it takes to win the Klindtest–and to be a spokesperson for a GOP Senator.


The prizes? Second place will receive something that could very well have come from the Klindt collection, 2 Pat Buchanan for President campaign buttons. The winner will receive an award that will remind us all of the kind of Senator Montana can produce and will again, a Mike Mansfield pen with a facsimile signature and notation as Majority Leader.

How Do I Enter?

So, get those crazy ideas flying, and send them into the East Coast liberals here at Intelligent Discontent. Either post your entry here, or mail it to me at [email protected]. We will accept entries until next Saturday, April 1. Ironic, huh?
Note: The competition is not open to anyone who has worked with or for Mr. Klindt, anyone who has been involved in litigation with him (sorry, Missouri!), or anyone from What’s Right In Montana!.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we\'d certainly appreciate it.


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