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I Wonder If They Understand Why This is Funny


From Newsbusters, dedicated to exposing liberal media bias:

The Associated Press issued a somewhat peculiar story this afternoon. The story? Rush Limbaugh made an error. Yup. Rush apparently mistook the fact that Rep. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is a white man and not black, as he had announced on the air. According to the story, Limbaugh received e-mails from listeners correcting him. “Uh, Sherrod Brown’s a white guy? Then I’m confusing him with somebody. OK, I’m sorry,” Limbaugh is quoted as saying.

And … this … is … news? I’m … confused. That the Associated Press would find this episode newsworthy is almost weird.

See, they’re saying that it’s not newsworthy that Limbaugh made a mistake…nevermind. 🙂


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