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The Missoulian Lets Burns Have it


Damn. I missed this yesterday, but it’s worth mentioning. The Missoulian excoriated the Senator for the Saginaw Chippewas Thursday:

Burns and his staff complain that every mention of his name in the news is accompanied with reiteration of his connection to Abramoff. That’s our point. That’s all this Senate campaign can be about. It’s an indelible stain that won’t go away, even if the Montana press were to do as Burns suggests – act as if we can’t see it. This is a national scandal that the national press will probe and cover, even if we didn’t.

We owe no allegiance to any political party. It’s not as if a Democrat’s election to Burns’ Senate seat would be unbearable. And it’s not simply for the sake of Republicans that we implore Burns to bow out. We believe strongly that for democracy to function, people deserve meaningful elections giving them a choice of viable candidates. With Burns wrestling with his tar baby, Montanans aren’t going to have much choice.

The editorial makes a great point. As a partisan, at this point, I’d love to see Burns stay in the race. He is wounded badly, and it is unlikely to get better. As someone who cares about a functioning, clean democracy, I think it would be better to see him go.

The writing’s on the wall, Connie. Gracefully accept that you’ve much more than your limited talents and ethics should ever have allowed, and wander off the stage.

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