Burns Has an Ethics Manual


There’s nothing to worry about, the Senator for the Saginaw Chippewas wants us to know. In another of his visits to Montana newspapers, he told the Gazette:

Burns said his office of 40 employees has a manual on ethics.

“They must read it, adhere to it, sign it,” he said.

“They know what is expected,” he said. “The standard is set and maintained. They must protect the integrity of that office of the state of Montana.”

At what point does Burns traveling around the state, making exactly the same claims, stop being news? Each of these little visits to editorial boards is leading to the same talking points, albeit each with a new Burnsism:

He said his actions are as transparent as a “little ol’ Mason jar.”

“Selling out my country, my state, that is beyond my amprehension (sic),” he said. “Ain’t no way I’m going to do it.”


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