Republicans Upset at Schweitzer


Karl Ohs is upset that Governor Schweitzer doesn’t talk to Republicans enough:

Lange says Schweitzer has little rapport with most Republicans in the Legislature. State Republican Party Chairman Karl Ohs says the governor’s facade of bipartisanship is a sham.

“In spite of what he says, I think he’s an extremely partisan governor,” Ohs says. “From his board appointments to access for people who don’t agree with him, he makes sure his way is the way things are. There’s not a lot of compromise there.”

Hmm. I don’t exactly remember the Martz-Ohs administration for its bipartisan attitude. This attitude and constant crying from the Montana GOP is ideal for Montana Democrats. Given that all the Republicans have is a negative, carping agenda, is it any wonder that the public likes Schweitzer?

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  • Republicans are very much struggling with Schweitzer. They are confounded by a politician that is eminently practical and not a slave to ideology. Martz-Ohs seemed to evaluate every issue by its conservative-idealogical merits. For instance, they deemed Montana’s hugely successful and popular stream access law as burdensome to a few affected wealthy out of state landowners. All laws regulating extractive indusrty practices were regarded as harmful to Montana’s econmoy. Study after study has confimed that high-tech and research job employers find Montana’s undisturbed natural resources the greatest selling selling point for employee recruitment.

  • I wish I could find the quote, but Martz actually criticized the Democrats in ’03 or around there for seeking compromise and implying that by doing so, Democrats were anti-democratic.


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