I thought I would go back and check the issue that probably got me started on this blog, the media’s coverage of Natalee Holloway and Karl Rove’s potential involvement in Plamegate. Based on MSNBC and Faux coverage, one would assume that Natalee would still be in the lead, but is she?
Back on July 5th, I noted these Google News hits:

A search of Google News shows the following results this morning:
Karl Rove Plame: 162 hits
Natalee Holloway: 12,900 hits
Shasta Groene: 2,710 hits

What are the numbers as 2005 comes to an end?

Karl Rove Plame: 1080 hits
Natalee Holloway: 632 hits
Shasta Groene: 58 hits

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